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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement
Your right to privacy is important for us, in this statement you can see what kind of data we store and how we use it. You will also learn about your rights as we use your personal data. This Privacy Statement is written in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as norwegian law, and applies to use of our websites, our newsletter, purchases and other use of your personal data. If you have any questions feel free to contact us, you will find contact information at the end of our Privacy Statement. In addition to this Privacy Statement depending on our relationship you might also want to see terms of use or terms of purchase.

Who is responsible
MAYLINN GULLMARK org nr. 920650686, Rosteds Gate 3a, Oslo is responsible for processing your personal data. You can contact us at any time by e-mail or other means as stated in the contact section.

Where we gather your personal data

Our website(s)
We gather information about you in several ways. If you fill out a form we store this data either by consent such as our newsletter signup, or to fulfill an order for a product or service. You can at any point update your consents by contacting us or following instructions we send you.

We also gather some information about your device such as geodata, device information and such. This is done through Google Analytics. IP addresses are masked and anonymous. We also use Facebook Pixels and other tracking cookies, however this information is always anonymously stored.

Use of services
If you login to a service or interact with emails, bots or other services we store information in order to provide the service you want. This data is also stored so that we can improve newsletters and other communications with you. Analytical data is stored, but always anonymized using Google Analytics.

When you use our services we store the following:

  • Your name and email
  • What newsletters you receive, open and what links you click
  • Your purchase history
  • What pages you visit on our websites

Third party data
Certain advertising partners provide data back to us. This data is anonymized, but with pixels and tracking cookies we can do retargeting. We also receive analytical data.

Use of purchase data
Based on your consent we can use your purchase data to improve communications with you. You can always retract this consent either directly or by contacting us.

Purpose of processing
We mainly process your personal data to deliver on an agreement between us or to send you newsletters. At any point you are free to contact us to see what the basis of our processing is.

To fulfill our agreement we typically process your data in the following ways:

  • To confirm orders or send you a receipt
  • To handle returns, accounting or other obligations after a purchase
  • To send you information about your purchased product
  • To contact you in order to improve our service or offerings
  • To administer competitions or deliver freebies
  • To send you a newsletter

Most of our communication is based on consent. For an overview of what consents you have provided feel free to contact us.

Processing time
We process your data as long as we either have an agreement, we are required by law or you have consented. Each year we have a revision of personal data and try to limit the amount of data we have stored to what we need in order to provide a good service. At any point you can contact us and ask to delete, update or gain a copy of stored data. See the contact section for information about how to contact us.

About Security
There are strict rules both to our organisation and our security when processing your personal data. The goal is to prevent loss, access or other risks. We always strive to make changes and improvements in our internal security guideline.

Your rights
You have the right to know what data we store and how this data is used. In addition to that we want you to be aware of other rights you have when allowing us to process your personal data.

You have the right to see everything stored about you, as well as change any data we got wrong. To see what data we have stored about you see the list above in this statement or contact us by following the instructions below. Any consent you have provided us with can easily be removed as well.

If you see something we might have stored that you do not wish us to store you can have us delete that or any other data we have stored about you. You can also ask to have this data made available to you. This is a free service in accordance with your rights.

Please note that we are unable to delete data where our right of processing is legal such as accounting. We always strive to store the minimum required amount of data in cases such as this. Your data stored on legal rights of processing is never used for any other purpose.

If you want to complain about something we do the Norwegian Data Inspectorate has information about this on their website The Norwegian Data Inspectorate is the correct authority for any complaints you might have.

Changes or updates
This Privacy Statement might be updated from time to time. In cases where there are major changes introduced we will inform you about this. The privacy statement will always be in accordance with any changes in laws or statements issued that are relevant to our processing of personal data. The latest version of this Privacy Statement will always be available on our website.

Contact information
We encourage you to contact us whenever you see us, but you can also do so digitally following these instructions. If you request access to information do note that we have up to 30 days to reply.

Rosteds gate 3a, 0178 OSLO.